Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Gratitude, Family and Turkeys in Speech Therapy

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It is hard to believe that is it November. This is a great time to incorporate gratitude, family and food activities into therapy. Turkeys and parades are also fun therapy themes. I love to learn about all my students traditions and what they are grateful for.

THEME OF THE MONTH: Gratitude, Family and Turkeys

My theme for November centers around Thanksgiving and turkeys. It is easy to add family and food activities as we talk about our Thanksgiving traditions.


This month I like to use my . We make these early in the month so we can display them all month long. Then they go home right before Thanksgiving for the families to enjoy them.



These are my favorite books for November. These books are fun Thanksgiving books that incorporate family, food and turkeys in them.

I use this series every month of the school year. In November I like to use the . It is a great way to discuss parades and floats. I like to talk about the Thanksgiving Day Parade that is on TV.


In November I like to use . It fits in with our discussions of family and food. I use my articulation and language spinners that allow me to target individualized skills that each student needs. It can be used with the game or with the snacks that are included.


This month my favorite Boom Deck to use is . You practice your articulation sounds as you move the turkeys around.


As I continue to target vocabulary development I start to focus on synonyms and antonyms. I liked to complete this 7-10 week unit. I created this product that includes vocabulary cards, task cards, games, and booklets to complete. It has everything that I needed to complete a unit on the concept of synonyms and antonyms.


I hope that everyone has a great month of November. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

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