Sunday, February 24, 2019

Using Mini Books to Teach Basic Concepts in Speech Therapy

One area that I target with my Kindergartners and first graders in Speech therapy is always basic concepts. I give my students the Boehm Test of Basic Concepts in the beginning of the school year. It test 50 commonly used Kindergarten basic concepts.  Understanding these concepts help my students follow directions and be successful in our district's Kindergarten Math program.  I select concepts from the Boehm that many of my students struggle with.

 FREE Mini Book
I created a set of mini books that allows me to target next to, beside, in front, between, left, right, over, under, above and below all year long.  I included monthly themes that my students really enjoy.  When we are done they get to take the books home, which they LOVE! I have gotten so many requests for more themes that I decided to make a FREE dog themed mini book.  I have also expanded all of my seasonal sets to include additional themes.

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 I created seasonal mini books that can be used all year long.
  • Spring: The mini books target St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Bunnies, Frogs and Bees.
  • Summer:  The mini books target Camping, the Beach, Carnivals, and Ladybugs.
  • Fall:  The mini books target Scarecrows, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Turkeys.
  • Winter:  The mini books target Christmas, Snowmen, Groundhogs and Penguins.
Spring Bunny Mini Book
 All of these units include a progress monitoring sheet. I keep track of which concepts are mastered and which concepts need more review. I use this to monitor progress during the school year.

These additional mini books are available in a Basic Concept BUNDLE if your students need more practice.

I hope that your students enjoy learning about basic concepts and using these mini books.

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