Friday, February 21, 2020

Interactive Speech Therapy Idea

I love activities that are both interactive and easy.  I recently found these amazing spinners on Amazon.  Math teachers have been using them for a while.  I just love them for Speech therapy.  I place them on top of the worksheet or game and the kids love them.

I created a whole set of spin, say and cover activities that I can use with them.  (If you don't have the spinners you can also use a dice, or paper clip and pencil.)  They are so easy to use.  Print the page that meets each student's goal.  Place the spinner on top.  Spin and then say the targets.  After that you cover 1-3 items.  You can use dot markers, dough, mini erasers, markers, paint sticks, small objects, crayons or game pieces to cover the pictures. It is so easy and fun. It is also perfect for mixed groups. Each set has initial, medial and final articulation pages, vocabulary, verbs and rhyming.

Seasonal BUNDLE

Seasonal BUNDLE

I recently sent a sample of my Spring bees Spin, Say and Cover to all of my newsletter followers.  It included initial articulation targets, spring vocabulary and verbs. I love this new product and wanted to share it will my followers.

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    Saturday, January 18, 2020

    Penguins in speech and language therapy

    One of my favorite themes to use in Speech is Penguins.  They are cute and adorable making them one of my favorite animals.
    Penguin Book:
    The book I am using in this theme is Be Brave, Little Penguin.  It is a really cute story about a little penguin that is afraid to go swimming.  He feels alone, because all his friends are swimming and having fun.  Little Penguin’s mother helps him get over his fear, so at the end he can play with all his friends.  One of the things I like to do with this story is talk about how his friends could have helped. I am also continuing to target vocabulary skills with this book.
    ·        Vocabulary: penguin, igloo, ocean, scared, brave, splash, dive, monsters, kiss, tall, short, fat, thin, biggest and smallest                                                                        
    ·        Verbs:  Swimming and diving                                                                   
    ·        Pronoun:  he, his, them, their, and her

    Penguin Games:
    A fun interactive game I love to use is Pile Up Penguin.  The goal of the game is to put your penguins on the iceberg.  If they fall off you have to take all the penguins that fell.  The first person who has no penguins left wins. 
    This game can easily be turned into a reinforcing game. 
    ·        Select articulation or language cards for each student.
    ·        Have your student say each target as they put the penguins on their cards.
    ·        Then have each student take turns putting on a penguin.
    ·        If penguins fall off have them put them back on their cards (saying the target again)
    ·        I like to let the winner knock all the penguins off. 
    I created a game companion that also goes with this game that I use in place of the cards. I also use the mats as smash mats.
     Game Companion

    I also created a spinner game if you are not able to get a Penguin game.  This spinner is perfect for a Penguin theme or Valentine’s Day. As you play the game you collect hearts.  The person with the most hearts wins.
     Penguin Game Spinner

    Penguin Interactive Activity:
    The last activity I use is a Feed the Penguin articulation and language fish. 
    ·        Each student creates a penguin.
    ·        I put the fish all around the room.
    ·        Each student looks for a fish with their target sound or skill on it.
    ·        They practice the target and feed the fish to the penguin.
     Feed the Penguin

    I hope that you found some activities that you can use with your students.  I have combined all of these activities into a BUNDLE.