Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cyber Monday Sale Linky Party

I love sales of any kind.  Next Monday is the Cyber Monday sale on teachers pay teachers.  Jenna from Speech Room News has created a Linky Party to share what SLPs have in their carts. This will be my first site wide sale as a seller.  I recently started a store on teachers pay teachers called Speech Gems.  I have been a customer for a long time, but when I looked into my current cart it is full of clip art for the first time.  I love the work of Educlip.  There must be 10 of her items in there.

I am very excited to be a seller.  I love everything about Christmas.  It has been exciting to make Christmas items.  One of my favorite activities is Feed the Reindeer.  I use this with articulation groups and phonemic awareness groups. My kids love it, so I usually send it home for them to keep.

I try to create interactive products that my students will love. Pronoun Gingerbread Sort lets my students work on pronouns while they play.

One activity that I use with my students who need visual cues to answer questions is interactive books.  I created An Adapted Christmas Book for Who and What Questions. I can target vocabulary, sentence formation and answering who and what questions at the same time.

Of course I still love shopping.  In addition to all the clip art in my with list, there are two items I want for my therapy sessions. Jenna Rayburn has created a new item Elf Training: North Pole Category Game.
                                           Elf Training: North Pole Category Game

I can't wait to download and prepare this for my students.  I think will be a  great addition to my annual Christmas scavenger hunt that I do around the building.  I think this year I am going to turn the whole thing into an elf training instead of a scavenger hunt.  I love Jenna's idea of elf training.  After the students complete a task I am going to give them a clue to where the next task is located.  I think this is going to be a great addition to my holiday activities.

The final item in my shopping cart is for a new book that I plan to use this winter. Marla Almiron created a book companion for Ten on a Sled that I think will be perfect for my therapy sessions

                                                Ten on the Sled mini-book and activities based on the book

I am always anxious for the holiday season to begin.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday start the season off for me.  Happy shopping!


Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday!

Black Friday! A day that I have always loved.  What could be better than shopping all day when everything is on sale?  This year I finally purchased Pop the Pig!  I saw it in the sale flyer on Wednesday night and knew I had to get it.  I have been borrowing another therapist's and now I have my own.  I have wanted the game for quite a while now.                                                  

Pop the Pig! is a game that comes with a giant pig, 16 little hamburgers and a colored die.  The official rules call for each player to roll the die and then feed the pig the colored hamburger they rolled.  The number under the hamburger is the number of times you pump the pig.  The winner is the player who makes the pig pop.

One way I adapt board games is to use articulation decks with the game.  The player selects a card and produces the word 5 times.  The player can also say the word each time they pump on the pig.  They can also make sentences with their words.

Another way I like to adapt games with colored dice is to create spinners to use in place of the dice.  I have created spinners for Pop the Pig that address initial articulation sounds, plurals, past tense verbs and pronouns.  I attach a paper clip to a fastener to make the spinner. These spinners are used in place of the die that comes with the game.  It eliminates the need for multiple decks of cards.  My kids love using spinners. 


Spinner for Initial /r/ sound on tpt

Spinner for regular plurals

I can’t wait to use my own Pop the Pig! 


Sunday, November 22, 2015

I am a blogger!

I graduated from college in 1983, with a degree in Speech Pathology.  There were no computers, Pinterest, Facebook or teacher pay teacher stores to help new therapists.  If you worked in a school you were on your own with limited resources. As a result most of us were forced to learn how to create our own materials. I have a basement full of ideas, games, toys and activities that I have modified to meet the needs of my students over the years.  I am constantly amazed at how technology has made doing my job easier.  If you want to do a fun Christmas activity there are ideas all over the web.  Even if you are the only therapist in your school district another therapist is just a click away. It has made connecting and sharing so easy to do.  I have made materials my entire career and love doing it.  I hope to be able to use this blog to share my ideas and materials with other therapists.  I hope that you will find useful ideas as you read this blog. As I end this, I can now add blogger to the list of things I do. I am a blogger!