Monday, June 8, 2020

Using Sports in Speech

Hi Everyone,

This crazy school year is finally over. Now is the time to enjoy the summer and maybe prep for the Fall. I hope that the Fall finds us all back in school. I think one of the things I have missed the most is Sports.  Football, basketball and baseball have all been on my mind.  I created a Sports Custom category in my store, so that my sports products are easy to find. Click here to check it out.

I created this Football themed Freebie that I wanted to share with you. My spin, say and cover activities are always fun. I made a free football set that targets initial articulation sounds, past tense verbs and fall vocabulary words.


                      CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the Football Spin, Say and Cover freebie.

You can color the footballs, smash dough onto them, use dot art stampers, mini objects, erasers or pom poms to cover the footballs. If you are still doing teletherapy you can screen share the pdf and allow your students to annotate the footballs.

If you are missing sports I have been busy making printables and Boom Cards using football, basketball, baseball and soccer themes. I couldn't be more excited that basketball is back!!!! July 31st is not that far off. I made a game that can be played with or without a small basketball hoop.  You could also use a garbage can or make the small bag hoop that is included in the file .

Articulation & Language Basketball Game

If you are missing Baseball I made a fun set of Articulation Boom Learning Cards. I don't know if we will see baseball summer.

 Articulation Baseball Boom Cards
Articulation Baseball Boom Cards

Football is right around the corner. Will we see training camps this summer? Hopefully we will. One of the things I will be making this Fall are my Football Articulation and Language Craft Characters.

Sports Articulation & Language Craft Characters

I hope that you enjoy your summer break and the Football themed Freebie when we all go back to school. Enjoy your summer.