Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Are your students tired of coloring?

Are your students tired of coloring? Although I love using articulation and language craft projects my kids do get tired of coloring. I try to keep the excitement up by changing it up. I recently decided to use water colors to make a flower pot craft. We practiced the targets on each flower and then painted it. The next session we practiced again as we cut them out and assembled the pots. My kids loved painting and had a beautiful project to take home.
Flower pot articulation and language craft
 I also like to use dot art markers for other craft projects. They were a perfect way to complete an Easter egg project this year.
Easter articulation and Language Wreath
 Simply changing the crayons can be fun. I found these scented silly crayons that my kids love. I call them my "special" crayons and they ask for them all the time now. Markers are always a big hit too. Small stickers are another way that I decorate craft projects.

 Sometimes I like to use color paper and just assemble it.  My Unicorn characters look get without any additional coloring.
Articulation and Language Unicorn characters
The next time you decide to use a craft project in therapy try using a different medium other than crayons. Here is Freebie from my store that you can try out.  Decorate the gumballs with dot markers, paint, markers or "special" crayons.  This freebie targets past tense verbs.  I hope your kids love doing it as much as mine do.
FREE Past Tense Verb Craft

Sunday, May 6, 2018

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Easy Summer Speech Practice

Summer! Is there no better time of the year? I love it, but I do worry about my articulation students regressing over the summer.  Last summer I sent home Summer Lap books that my kids LOVED.  They were full of games and fun activities.  We made the lap books during one our sessions.  I sent home calendars with lots of interesting things my kids could do. I also sent home articulation decks that they could play with whenever they wanted. 

We made a cover that the students could personalize.
Inside had production cues, calendars and a place to store articulation cards.
They were fun to make and my kids have already asked for them again this summer. My plan is to make them the last month of therapy again this year.

Have a great summer!

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