Friday, August 12, 2022


THEME OF THE WEEK: Back to School

My theme the first week of therapy is always about Back to School and getting to catch up with my student. So much happens in 2 months and I love hearing what they have been doing. It is also a great time to see what skills are transferring to conversational speech and what still needs some work.


I love using these Back to School articulation and language wreaths for my established groups. It targets both articulation and language skills. I have included all about me pages for the new students that can be used the first week of school. We often hang these up for open house.

Back to School Wreath

LITERATURE BOOK: If You Ever Want to Bring an Alligator to School Don't

I created a new book companion for this really fun book written by Elise Parsley. It is a fun way to introduce show and tell. I like to just use the tell part throughout the school year. Tell me something about many different categories.

GAME: Alligator Game

I am all about repurposing games and activities. I like to use my crocodile dentist game this week, but I rename it an alligator to go along with my literature book. I have created a game companion that can be used with the game or by itself. I often use it without the game. We collect the alligator's teeth.

Alligator Game


I still love using Boom Decks. They are a quick and easy way to engage the students.

Find the Teacher is a great deck for Back to school. Practice your articulation sounds as you search for the teachers. The students get to move the teacher nd students around the classroom after they find her/him.

I did also created a new Boom Learning deck for the book The Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books. This is a book I always love. I use these books every month of the year.  

I hope you find some ideas here that get you off to a good start this school year. Enjoy what is left of your summer. Until next time.​

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