Saturday, November 24, 2018

Using Snowmen at Christmas in Speech therapy (includes a Freebie)

Christmas!! My favorite time of the year. As soon as Thanksgiving is over it is time for me to start Holiday activities. One of my favorite books to use is Snowmen at Christmas. I use it to target articulation, vocabulary, syntax, answering questions and retelling activities. The first thing I do when I use a new book it make a list of all the targets I want to use it to target. I plan to use this books for the month of December.
 Snowmen at Christmas Book Companion
Snowmen at Christmas Book Companion
 Vocabulary from Snowmen a Christmas
  • Snowmen
  • Christmas tree
  • Kris Kringle
  • Reindeer
  • Holly
  • Icicles
  • Cocoa
  • Fiddle
  • Avenue
  • Trembling
  • Peek
  • Celebrate
  • Gather
Syntax Targets from Snowmen at Christmas
  • Irregular plurals:  Reindeer/reindeer, Snowman/snowmen and child/children
  • Past tense verbs: Snug, strung, made, dressed, trimmed, and framed
  • Present progressive verbs: Trembling, trimming, dreaming, waving, dancing, yawning and dawning
  • Third Person verbs:  Says, plays, glides, pulls, sips, plays and starts
  • Pronouns:  I, his, me, they, he, their, 
Articulation Targets from Snowmen at Christmas
  • S blends:  Snowmen, Snow, smile
  • S sound:  Sack, Santa, saw, sips, sing, silver, presents, grown ups
  • K sound: Christmas, cold, Kris Kringle, cocoa, King
  • G sound: Glide, gather, greetings, tag,  
  • F sound: Fiddle, friends, family. fun, folks
  • V sound: Waving, everyone
  • L sound: Lights, lamp, sleeping
  • Sh sound: Shine, hush, sashay
  • Ch sound: Children, cheery, each
  • Th sound: Birth, think, they, their, gather, mothers
I also like to incorporate crafts and games that go along with the book.  We are going to feed the snowmen snowballs and Santa cookies with articulation and language targets on them.
Feed Santa

Feed the Snowman
 A new favorite that I found this year was a Snowman game and large pom pom snowballs.  We are going to practice speech and language targets and then throw the pom pom snowballs at the snowman. (I found both of these at the Target Dollar spot.)

We are going to make a Santa craft.  My favorite is Santa's stuck.  Each student will target their articulation sounds as they glue bricks onto the chimney that Santa is stuck in.
Santa's Stuck
We are also going to target Christmas vocabulary with a Christmas FREEBIE that is available over at my tpt store.  It is a Christmas Bingo game. Click HERE to get this fun Free activity that you can use with your groups.  We are going to draw the cards out of a stocking while we use Target erasers in place of Bingo chips.  FUN for everyone as we practice vocabulary skills and formulating sentences.

FREE Christmas Vocabulary BINGO Game

I hope that everyone has a Wonderful holiday season!

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