Monday, April 23, 2018

Using Adapted Books in Speech Therapy

Adapted books are one of my favorite ways to teach new skills.  They are fun and interactive. During the session they keep my students focused and engaged.  I love using them with my students to teach them how to answer who and what questions. I am going to go through how I use my adaptive who and what books with my students. 

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The first skill I use these book to teach is vocabulary.  I go through the book with both who and what questions, labeling each pictures.  I have my students repeat the names or point to the picture.  The small choice pictures can be used to match with the larger pictures in the book.

Sorting people vs Things
After reviewing the vocabulary we sort the small choice pictures into people and things.  I have them velcro the people on the who grid and the things on the what grid.
Answering Questions
I start my students using the what book that has no people in it.  I read the question “What is next to the house?” The student finds the answer and places it on the sentence below the picture.  I then read the answer.  When my students are able to read the sentences and respond verbally they are encouraged to do this.  As my student become proficient in answering what questions, I introduce the who book.  We continue to sort people and things each session to help the students differentiate between who and what questions.  As my students master this skill I introduce the book with both who and what questions. For students that struggle with the transition to this book I will limit their choices to only people when a who question is presented.

Each month I switch to a different set of who and what books, so my students do not memorize the books without truly learning the skills.  This BUNDLE of adapted books includes the following:
  • Adapted Family who and what questions
  • Adaptive Fall who and what questions                                                                            
  • Adapted Halloween who and what questions 
  • Adapted Thanksgiving who and what questions
  • Adapted Christmas who and what questions
  • Adapted Snowman who and what questions
  • Adapted Valentine’s Day who and what questions
  • Adapted Leprechaun who and what questions
  • Adapted Spring who and what questions
  • Adapted Beach who and what questions 
Click HERE to check out the entire BUNDLE.

I hope this helps you use these books to improve your students vocabulary skills and ability to answer who and what questions.