Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Do you struggle to get 100 trials in Speech?

Is it hard to keep your students engaged while they practice?  I have found that by using games and activities my students enjoy therapist directed drill play.  It can be a lot of fun and the therapist can obtain 100 trials of the targeted sound or process.  I have found that their are so many commercial games and activities available that easily lend themselves to therapist directed drill play.  For all of these games and activities I like to select 3-5 pictures that will be targeted during the session.  The number I select depends on how often the student needs to engage in play and stay motivated.

Yeti In My Spaghetti :  Every time my students practice their pictures I give them a piece of spaghetti to place over the bowl.  When the game is assembled we play the game.

Kerplunk:  As my students practice they put a stick through the tube.  When all the sticks are in we practice the pictures as we add the marbles to the tube.  When it is all ready we have fun playing the game.

Mr Potato Head:  I set up a variety of parts that the student can select.  We practice the pictures and them add a part to the potato.  After a few potatoes are assembled we play with them.

100 Trial sheets:  I like to use crayons, markers and stamps with 100 trials sheets.  The child marks a picture after each production.  This freebie includes six Spring 100 trials articulation sheets and 2 data collections sheet.  The data collection sheets can be used with any of these activities.


Progress monitor your entire group easily
Legos:  I like to have my students practice their pictures and then I give them 2-3 legos to put together.  They build and practice at the same time.

Ned's Head:  I put multiple copies of the students pictures inside the head.  I place a sticker on one of the cards.  We take turns pulling a card out of Ned's Head.  The student who finds the card with the sticker shouts "I win!" This game is quick and can be played multiple times.

Cariboo:  I cover the original cards with Holiday or a theme.  After each child practices their targeted words they open  one box.  It they find the ball they get to put it in the treasure chest.  We play until the treasure box opens.

Chipper Chat:  Practice the pictures and them put a chip on the card.  When the card is full use the magic wand to clean up the card.  Take time to play with the chips and magnets at the end.

Jenga:  The students practice their pictures and then place a Jenga block on the tower.  When the tower is built we play the game.

Fishing game:  I like to have my students say their words and them put a fish in the "pond".  When the game is complete we play it.  I have also created a game companion that can also be used.  The students practice again as they place them in the fishing net.

Articulation Game Companion
Connect Four:  Each time a student puts a chip in the frame they say their pictures.  We play until their is a winner.

Using these games in therapist directed drill play is a fun and easy way to get your students to practice 100 articulation targets in a therapy session. If you are struggling to keep your students engaged think about trying some of these games. I hope your students enjoy them as much as my students do.

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