Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A TPT Winter Sale

What's new in my store?  My store is only 5 months old so I would have to say.....everything...  I am excited to be joining a linky party hosted by Jen at SLP Runner.  What a perfect time for a sale, although it still doesn't feel like winter up here in New York. The Winter is flying by with or without snow.

At school I have just started a new unit on Multiple meaning words with my 3rd graders. In order to address the goals I created for them last May, I recently created a Multiple Meaning Word Unit.  It consists of task cards, memory cards, a bingo game and pages to create student books.  It has everything I need to address their goals.
Multiple Meaning Word Unit
                                                  Multiple Meaning Word Unit by Speech Gems

For the next two weeks I am planning on using the book Who Will See Their Shadow This Year by Jerry Pallotta with my first and second graders.  It targets animal and weather vocabulary in a fun way. I found a great book companion to use with it

Groundhog Day 'Who Will See Their Shadow This Year?' CauseB

In keeping with my theme of Groundhog Day I created a Feed the Groundhog activity to address initial articulation sounds. The students select a flower, practice the words and feed the groundhog. My students remember my neighborhood groundhog that ate many of my flowers and vegetables last Spring. They frequently ask if he is back yet. Although I am ready for Spring, I am not ready for the return of this groundhog.

I have recently fallen in love with craft activities created by Speech Dreams.  In my cart is her Groundhog Day activity.  I can't wait to use this.
Groundhog Day Speech Therapy Craft
                                                     Groundhog Day craft by Speech Dreams

I continue to have students who struggle to answer who and what questions. One product that I will be using with those students is my Adapted who and what winter questions. It allows me to address who and what questions when their is only one choice with some of my students..  Also included are pages that combine both who and what for my students who are are more advanced.

Another item in my cart. That I am using this month which these students that targets what questions is Interactive Valentine's Day book created by Speech Space. It focused on what questions using a Valentine's Day theme
Valentine's Day Interactive Books - 50% Off for 24 Hours

I hope that everyone is able to find activities that will help their students meet their goals. I am excited to use all of these activities during the next month.


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