Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmas Activities at Last (FREEBIE included)

Christmas Activities at Last  (FREEBIE included)

I wait for this week all through November, the week where I can start using holiday activities.  This week I plan to focus on Christmas vocabulary skills.  I like to do this through children’s literature.  There are so many great children’s books available. 

 The thing I love about using children’s literature is that it allows you to address the needs of children at various levels in the same group.  I have students who need to focus on naming common holiday objects in groups with students who are ready for Tier 2 vocabulary words.  One of my favorite books is If You Take a Mouse to the Movies by Laura Numeroff. Common objects that I will be targeting are mouse, snowman, fort, overalls, wreath, fireplace and ornaments.  There are also opportunities for Tier 2 vocabulary words:  decide, cozy, neighbor, remind and curl up.  The varied vocabulary levels of my students make this book a good choice for my groups.

This week I will also be targeting vocabulary with a Christmas Bingo game as well.  I created a game that uses 27 different Christmas objects. It is available free at my tpt store, Speech Gems.

I cut up red squares of construction paper to use as Bingo chips.  We talk about what five in a row looks like.  Each student takes turns selecting a card and labeling the picture.  Everyone covers the picture on their card.  When they get five in a row they yell “Christmas Bingo!”  It can also be used to target 4 corners and center.  I have the students cover every space with a red square of paper.  Then we take off the one in the center and the corners.  The winner is the student who gets four corners and the center. 

I am always excited when I start Christmas activities.  I hope that your Christmas season is off to a great start.  Enjoy your week!


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