Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday!

Black Friday! A day that I have always loved.  What could be better than shopping all day when everything is on sale?  This year I finally purchased Pop the Pig!  I saw it in the sale flyer on Wednesday night and knew I had to get it.  I have been borrowing another therapist's and now I have my own.  I have wanted the game for quite a while now.                                                  

Pop the Pig! is a game that comes with a giant pig, 16 little hamburgers and a colored die.  The official rules call for each player to roll the die and then feed the pig the colored hamburger they rolled.  The number under the hamburger is the number of times you pump the pig.  The winner is the player who makes the pig pop.

One way I adapt board games is to use articulation decks with the game.  The player selects a card and produces the word 5 times.  The player can also say the word each time they pump on the pig.  They can also make sentences with their words.

Another way I like to adapt games with colored dice is to create spinners to use in place of the dice.  I have created spinners for Pop the Pig that address initial articulation sounds, plurals, past tense verbs and pronouns.  I attach a paper clip to a fastener to make the spinner. These spinners are used in place of the die that comes with the game.  It eliminates the need for multiple decks of cards.  My kids love using spinners. 


Spinner for Initial /r/ sound on tpt

Spinner for regular plurals

I can’t wait to use my own Pop the Pig! 


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